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OnlyTrades is an experienced, globally renowned online financial service provider dedicated to offering exceptional service to a growing client-base. Our traders benefit from a vast selection of instruments, a smart suite of trading tools, personal, professional support a top-notch social trading feed, as well as a secure and transparent trading environment.

At OnlyTrades, you can choose from hundreds of available assets, tracking their history and identifying trends by means of a broad range of state-of the-art charting tools. Real-time quotes and streaming market updates allow you to seize every opportunity, instantly executing your trades via download, web, mobile or tablet. Every step of the way, our professional, dedicated support team is available to help you maximize your earning potential by offering expert guidance, and personal training.

You can also pick up valuable strategies by joining our global social trading network, which enables you to automatically monitor and mimic the activity of the platform’s best, most experienced investors. Follow their moves, track their most profitable tactics and copy them in real time, sharing in their success.






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Whatever device you have we cover you

MetaTrader 4 is the preferred platform of the world’s leading professional investors, who demand extensive functionality, low latency, less re-quotes and best pricing on every single trade. Enjoy a broad array of advanced tools on a powerful and robust platform. Manage your account with ease, instantly review the history of your chosen instruments and rapidly execute multiple types of orders directly from the chart window.

You can completely customize your online trading experience with the MT4’s user-friendly interface, which you can tailor to meet your trading preferences. Personalize your screen to show your favourite instruments, pick from candlestick, bar and line chart display options and add your chosen Expert Advisors. You can also take advantage of real time streaming quotes, multiple innovative interactive charts, and cutting-edge technical indicators.

Why choose us?

Top Performing Platforms

Millions of traders and thousands of brokers cannot be wrong. The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is the best tool for trading Forex and financial markets!

Personal, professional support

OnlyTrades offers personalized support 24/5 while the global markets trade. You will receive a dedicated account manager and specialist
market research.

A smart product suite

OnlyTrades offers an exceptionally wide variety of major, minor and exotic currency pairs as well as commodities, indices and stocks. Invest on the global markets, benefiting from narrow spreads and versatile leverage up to 200:1.

Cross-Device Compatibility

OnlyTrades.com brings you the MetaTrader 4 platform on every device. Available on Mobile, Tablet, PC and Mac, we have you covered no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Take advantages of our products

Diffuse your risk and limit your exposure by increasing the scope of your personal investments across multiple highly active global markets. Diversify and grow your portfolio, taking advantage of our extensive asset list, which is continually expanding to offer fresh trading opportunities.


Take your pick from OnlyTrades’s vast selection of the world’s most successful stocks.


Trade forex with OnlyTrades with a trusted, transparent online trading environment.


At OnlyTrades you can create new avenues for success with a broad range of commodities.


Capitalize on the numerous potential revenue streams offered by the various equity markets around the world.

We support all payment methods


Transfer funds online securely and speedily via e-wallet.

Credit Cards

Execute transactions using your Mastercard, Visa Card, or Diner’s Club Card.

Fast Bank Transfer

Directly deposit funds in your local currency, without incurring conversion fees, using Fast Bank Transfer.

Wire Transfer

Use Wire Transfer to safely and rapidly send funds to and from your bank account.

What people are saying about us

When I found OnlyTrades.com, I was your basic "hope the market will go my way" trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around - which they rarely did. Then things started to change. I love the relationship with my account manager and the fact that I can trade anywhere using my mobile or tablet.


I can literally trade anything I want. I haven't come across a stock or currency pair that I wanted to trade which was not on this platform. News and training materials are also good for beginning traders.


I want to thank my OnlyTrades account manager. He is the first person I have ever encountered that vigorously wants to share his knowledge and skills, that only comes from many, many hours of hard work and study. Truly a gifted teacher.